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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jyoti slokams

Deepajyothi Parabrahma
Deepajyothi Janardhana
Deepo me hara tu paapam
Deepaa Jyothir Namostute

Deepa jyoti parabrahma deepo sarvo tamopaha
deepena sadhyate sarvam Sandhya deepo namostute

I prostrate to the dawn/dusk lamp whose light is Supreme Knowledge which removes the darkness of ignorance and by which all can be achieved.

Shubham karoti kalyanam arogyam dhana sampataha
shatru buddhi vinashaya deepa jyotir namostute
I prostrate to the lamp-light which brings brilliance, auspiciousness, health, and wealth and destroys my bad thoughts

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