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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Birth Day Guruji

He was born on 8th September 1887; influenced millions of lives over decades; continues to do so even today. Many saw Him God - Many as Guru - Many as a friend, philosopher and guide.

Let us remember Him on His birthday by recounting our relation with  Him that we carry in our hearts..

"Himalaya is my father and Ganga is my mother. I serve all. I love all. I see the Lord in all. I have produced few dozens of saints who are king of kings and emperor of emperors and are spread across all over the world. I summarise my teachings in these words 
- Serve. Love. Give. 
- Purify. Meditate. Realise. 
- Be Good. Do Good"

~ Swami Sivananda 

See more at Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati

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